If you are in the process of building your startup, then you know there is a lot of motivation that is needed on the behalf of the founding team. Now exercises don’t just mean your morning run, though that is essential to your mental health, your focus, your physical well-being, and your success. Aside from physical exercise, there are quite a few things you can do to build your resilience and brainpower through pre-startup coaching. Here are 3 exercises that you can use as a startup founder for motivation. 


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Possibly one of the most potent and powerful ways to turn any situation into the best possible outcome is to exercise your gratitude muscle. Sitting down for 15 minutes and writing a list of everything you are grateful for is a wonderful way to do this. Make this a daily practice, and you will find that you soon have a list filled with so many reasons to be grateful that you will surely be able to push past any slumps that might arise, or stave them off altogether.


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Is there a task that you just aren’t motivated to do right now? Maybe it’s setting up your internal payroll, or doing your initial pre-startup budgeting, or maybe it’s sitting down to write a donor letter that you have been holding off on. If there’s something that just seems like a bear to get started with, then make sure to use the two-minute rule. This rule works off the premise that you can accomplish anything for at least two minutes. Breaking it up that way can make the task seem less daunting. Additionally, you may find that after you have passed the two-minute mark, you will have made so much progress that you will continue to work on it. 


Vision boards are powerful tools for manifestation. Creating one force you to figure out what you want to have visually, and put it together into a tangible display that you can refer back to. It should be a major part of any pre-startup process to figure out your goals and dreams for your project. Creating a vision board is easy, just get a poster board, a stack of magazines, some scissors, and glue, and set out building the life you want for yourself. 

Here are three exercises for motivation that you can use during your pre-startup coaching experience that will get you and keep you motivated through the ride that is being a startup founder. If you need a pre-startup coach, then schedule a consultation with Tom Maloney. 

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